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What Clients Say

"Susan Menke is a hard-working professional with whom I have had the pleasure of working with for about 7 years. Her honesty, professionalism and high level of expertise played an important role in my successful bid to purchase three separately owned properties with a combined area of over 2,500 acres. I fmd her to be incredibly honest and forthright, willing to go beyond the call of duty to close large land transactions. Susan's business savvy and attention to detail are a part of her problem-solving abilities, resulting in considerable cost savings to me. I find her to be extremely knowledgeable, forthright and hard-working; willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. In addition, she has brought problems to my attention that she was willing to solve at no expense to me."

Ron Henriksen
President HWR Holdings, LLC and Houston Executive Airport Services, Inc.

"I have worked with Susan Menke for 20 years and have known her to be honest, diligent and very hard working. She is professional and a pleasure to work with."

John S. Beeson
Beeson Properties

"Susan is intelligent and highly motivated. She has worked hard and deserves her success."

David S. Wolff
Chairman of METRO
Chairman of The Wolff Companies

"Susan has the knowledge of what the buyer and seller need from each other to get deals done."

Ernest S. Loeb
VP Ryland Homes

"I have worked with Susan on my large land acquisitions and respect her judgment in valuation and exit strategies on mix-use development more than any agent in the Texas market."

John Kleas
John Kleas Company, Austin, Texas

"If you want one of the most aggressive value added performers in the Houston market, you will find that person in Susan Menke."

Doug Brown
Managing Partner, Regent Properties

"Susan is a very delightful person to do business with. Her persistence and personality really make it a pleasure to look at projects and do business. These attributes, and her professionalism, have been instrumental in her success story."

Charles S. Leyendecker
The Leyendecker Group

"Susan Menke represented me for 10 years in the acquisition and sale of real estate in West Houston. She is one of the hardest working and best brokers I know. She knows the market and repeatedly brought me great deals."

Jerrol W. Springer
President Spring-Entex Insurance

"Susan is very diligent and knowledgeable. She represents my interests in the best possible way."

Billie Ellis
Ellis Management

"Susan is persistent and very hard working. With her assistance, we have purchased several good sites in the Greater Houston Market."

Charles Schwartz
Avanti Properties Group

We have purchased several tracts with Susan's assistance and she has provided any information we needed in a timetly manner. She is diligent and professional in her approach and has a very good understanding of the market."

Eli Ebrahimi
Ersa Grae Corporation